Petra Institute


Applying what I learned from the Institute's hospitality training course, in an actual hotel work-setting, was informative, enjoyable, and extremely beneficial. It gave me a much better perspective on what to do and what to expect when I actually start work.
The facilities are really top-of-the-line. Everyone has a laptop and the trainers are very hands-on and give you lots of personal attention. I also really liked the interactive learning methods used. Another big plus, was being able to talk to, and ask expert career advice from members of the career guidance committee.
I was excited to hear the news of the upcoming American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute Certification being offered at the Institute! This means I can really save time and money by taking the certification and sitting for the exam here at the Institute in Jordan instead of going to the United States. Thank you for being so forward thinking.
I'm glad that I enrolled at the Institute. Through their amazing coaching, support, and expertise, and my dedication and interest in this industry, I finished the IATA Air Cargo certification with distinction. I'm proud to say that I received a very high worldwide ranking. I fully intend to put all that positive energy to good work and continue to enjoy what I do and excel at it.