Petra Institute

Why Choose a Career in Travel , Tourism & Hospitality

  • Ease of Access: Getting started is easy. Enroll at the Institute and begin a highly rewarding professional journey. One in three people get their first job in this industry.
  • Variety: This industry offers many different career opportunities that are neither predictable nor routine.
  • Transferable Skills: The accreditations, certifications, and training gained, are internationally recognized and can be used and benefitted from, all around the world.
  • Asset: Take advantage of the fact that you’re probably bi-lingual. This industry appreciates and rewards, among others, those who speak more than one language.
  • Employment: As one of the fastest growing in-demand industries, the supply of different employment opportunities is always high and open to all levels of educational backgrounds and skills set.
  • Career: This industry provides many personal and professional rewards. You will likely see it not just as a job, but rather a career with continued potential for growth.