Petra Institute

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The value and driving force of any country lies in its’ people. The Petra Travel and Tourism Institute understand that it too, can play a role in helping the community. How? By offering two people a fully paid grant through the Nasser K. Kawar Grant.

The Nasser K. Kawar Grants are offered every year to two Jordanian youth from different governorates across the Kingdom. The Grant covers all the expenses involved in enrolling in a three-month foundation-level training course in the field of travel. This unique opportunity will allow the trainees to gain initial exposure to, and preview the exciting world of travel and learn more about the vast employment opportunities and career paths that this industry offers.

The Institute also recognizes the immense rewards that can be had by giving back to the community. The Institute aims to be involved, and engaged, in different initiatives that help Jordan, and Jordanian youth in particular, thrive and prosper.